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Poderi Garona

The Winery "Poderi Garona" of Renzo Duella takes name from a village located in the municipality of Boca, not very known to younger people but remembered by some old characters of the place for the excellent wine produced.

The plant of the vineyard goes through various stages of processing, from classic "Maggiorina" to modern plant Gujot, then two phases of expansion and reorganization of the soil to make it less steep. Today, the area planted in rows has optimal exposure and grows at an average height of about 420 m sea level.

Alongside the main vineyards, in places Montalbano, still remains the trace of a small vineyard planted to Maggiorina which brings with it the evidence of the past. The passion for this business has been handed down from father to son, in line with our country traditions, together with a true love for ‘doing things right’.

The time of vintage is still considered, as it was in the past, a celebration at the end of a whole year of work and dedication. Several generation’s experience in cultivating wines and taking care of our vineyards.

The desire to make tasty, genuine wine just like in the old days, seizing but never forcing the opportunities offered by an extraordinary land. The wish to stand out on the market thanks to world class wine that can make the difference, but above all can make happy anyone wishing to taste or ‘meditate over’ our Boca Doc, that is able to give unique emotions and make unforgettable all your menus Our Boca Doc is the right accompaniment for game, braised meats, roasts, salami typical, filled pastas and seasoned cheeses like Parmesan and piquant Gorgonzola .

This is why, right now, we want to introduce ourselves to you ...